Thursday, July 22, 2010


Big-Time Winners at Neocon 2010

Mingle is another design innovation from SurfaceWorks that is a must have for any information sharing room. The Mingle brings the users to the technology of our times. Conference tables are fine for sharing ideas and information when the presenter is a speaker and paper documents are the technology. Today's presenters use large interactive boards that present information and ideas better and faster than ever before and SurfaceWorks has stepped forward to bring conference furniture into the new era. Segmented tables aligned around these information boards have always been lacking and now we have Mingle, come and get it!

The Office Planning Group works for you. We constantly search the world markets to bring our customers the latest technologies and the greatest designs that not only fit the needs of today but the growth of our tomorrows.


Big Time Winners at Neocon 2010!

SurfaceWorks is a leading innovator in tables, worksurfaces, chairs and desking for the office, hospitality and healthcare markets. Their cutting edge solutions include unusual base designs, impact resistant materials and endless material and color combinations.

Wing-it is one of the best new designs to hit our furniture industry in years. Its winged look is repeated in a multi-user design that is unique but user-friendly to the max. The Wing-it would fit in almost any environment from a training room to a design lab or a materials control department and even a emergency dispatch center. Its unique design lends it to many uses too numerous to mention here. But that is not the best of the Wing-it design, remember I said it was user-friendly? How many workstations do you know that can allow the user to kick back his/her chair and stand at work without stooping? The worksurface moves up and down allowing the user to stand periodically improving circulation to the lower extremities! Fantastic, it looks great and it makes you feel great, no wonder it is an award winner!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Screenflex Room Dividers

................................................................Do you have an area in your Church, School or business which needs to be used more efficiently? If so, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can help. We at The Office Planning Group understand that Portable Room Dividers can be very helpful in making rooms more efficient to use. Accordingly, we offer a variety of different Room Dividers and Display Tower models to suit your needs. The basic information regarding these helpful products from Screenflex are as follows:


FREESTANDING ROOM DIVIDERS: Our Freestanding Room Divider line is our most popular and is available in 6 heights, 6 lengths and 32 fabric/vinyl colors. Each Freestanding Room Divider is equipped with a steel end member and self leveling casters. These features make the Room Divider easy to move anywhere within the building.


WALLMOUNT ROOM DIVIDER: The Screenflex Wallmount Room Divider line likewise is available in 6 lengths, 6 heights and 32 fabric/vinyl colors. As its name implies, one end of the Room Divider is mounted to a wall while the rest of the Room Divider can be easily moved within the room.


HEAVY DUTY ROOM DIVIDER: in unusually challenging conditions our Screenflex Heavy Duty Room Divider is the choice. This model is available in 2 heights, 6 lengths and 32 colors. It is truly "The World's Toughest Room Divider".


PORTABLE CLASSROOM ROOM DIVIDER: Some customers desire both Room Dividers and storage space. For those customers the 3 models of our Portable Classroom Divider are the best option.


SIMPLEX ROOM DIVIDER: One height, two lengths, four colors....the economical choice in a versatile Room Divider.


EXHIBIT BOOTH ROOM DIVIDER: As its name implies, this line of Room Dividers is primarily designed to create Exibit Booths. Available in 2 heights, 1 length and 32 color.


DISPLAY TOWER: Our line of versatile Display Towers work in conjuction with any of our room divider lines to turn any open area into a much better learning environment.


Watch the Screenflex video to see the quality, the workmanship and the versatility of these wonderful products! Click below


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Made In USA

Today's economy demands that everyone get the most bang for their dollar. Layoffs and cutbacks are the main topics in boardrooms accross the country and many large projects are moved back until better times. However, some improvements and growth in businesses must take place regardless of, or even because of, the economy. Some business prosper in weak economies and others have to increase in size just to maintain their normal levels. Regardless of the reason driving businesses to make a large furniture purchase today, they are doing so with major concern for cost.
The furniture industry has met the demand for less expensive office systems without loss of quality and beauty. Mayline has a knockout line of imported office furniture titled Real Office that satisfies the desire for elegance with lower pricing. DMI is positioned for this market with several nice options that ooze beauty and style but also is imported and surprisingly less expensive.
You don't have to wait until the economy improves with The Office Planning Group!
Take a look at our imported lines of furniture and realize the savings that your business needs to continue to grow and prosper in lean times.

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